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Éva Kónya was born 1963 in Hungary. She started to study graphic design in Budapest at the University of Fine Arts and in Hamburg at the Art School Alsterdamm to obtain a master‘s degree in Graphic Design. Studied painting with Dr. Imre Draznyák, Zoltán Molnár Tölg in Hungary, - and with Clemens Gröszer, Rob de Vry and Jo Milne in Germany. Working till 2006 Art Director in newspaper Publischer in Hamburg Germany. From 2006 she lives and works in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

„Through my artistic work and my art pieces, I want to inspire you and anyone else to feel an expansion of your energy, and to open up to feel relief and more happiness, fun, and enjoyment in life. For the new “Infinite” painting series, I used acrylic paint, color-changing iridescent paints, enamel and epoxy resin on canvas. The constellations as seen from planet Earth inspire the magical coloring of the paintings as I transfer their energy patterns onto canvas. A characteristic of these images are the symbols and ancient language characters that I layer on top of one another multiple times to tell of the infinity of being and the unending Universe. The color-changing paint enhances the mysterious. The peculiar colors become visible to the eyes through the epoxy and present new enjoyable moments only when seen with certain lighting and at the right viewing angle.“


2015 Colors of Photons. Art meets science. New-Media-Project with János Magyar, Acryl painting on Acryl, Led, Microcontroller, Internet of things - internet connected objects.

2015 Universe, Omniverse, Multiverse... Mixedmedia on round shaped canvas Ancient runic writing,not just visual, it makes sense as well.

2014 Cosmos Melodies. Mixedmedia on canvas: Pearl color give for different color in a different angle, iridescent effect .The epoxy resin give shiny water,glass like effect, forms and uncontrollable magical possibilities. Colour chemistry, art dialogue conscious of Being, The creators of Being, astrosophy, ancient symbols, symbol of eternity, infinity happiness.

2004 Facets of Love. Glamour Roses. Oil Paintings. Rose Portraits and metal plate leaf. The works allow the state of being-love from viewers perceive and experience. For example: white basic trust, yellow cheerfulness, Orangelife-joy, Red-power force -Passion, Gold Merging Love, Silver Supporting Love, copper-precious

1998 Bilderspiel Kompositionen. Stills compositions. Small-format oil painting. Quotations from art history as „photo-compositions game“ together.

1997 Vermeer & Still Life. Oil Painting and color studies, detailed pictures by Vermeer. Clashes with the color schemes and light.

Art Fairs

2015 Art Expo Hamm, Solo-Project, DE

2010 Fine Art Fair: Russian Fine Art Fair, London, Classical Worldwide Gallery, UK

Current Galleries Affiliations

2016 East West Fine Art Galleries, Naples, Florida., USA

2016 Galeria-HMH Port d‘Andtraxt, SPAIN

Group shows (selection)

2016 East West Fine Art Galleries, Naples, Florida., USA

2016 Galeria-HMH Port d‘Andtraxt, SPAIN

2016 Gallery ArteCasa, Permanent, Port d‘Andtraxt, ES

2015 Gallery ArteCasa, Permanent, Port d‘Andtraxt, ES Galerie HMH Palma, ES

2014 Galerie Hella-Maria Höfer, Port d‘Andtraxt & Palma

2012 Nit de’l Art, Hotel d‘Entitats Joves, Palma, ES Son Vida Golf-Club, Mallorca, ES Ciudadanos Europeos de Baleares, Ayuntamiento Calviá, ES

2011 Galerie Unico, Palma de Mallorca,

ES 2010 CAW Gallery, Duna Palota, Károlyi Kastély, Fót, HU

2009 Galerie Sabine Broekmann, Krefeld, DE

2007 Galeria de Arte Minkner, Santa Ponsa, ES Az új magyar Avantgarde, Vaszary-Múzeum, Kaposvár, HU

2007 Museo de la Alcalá Guadaira, ES

2006 Certamen d’Art creatiu Aina M. lliteras, Artá, ES Galerie Hella Maria Höfer, Port Andtraxt, ES

2005 Kunstforum-International, CH

2003 Kunstverein Rügen,- Galerie Circus, DE

2002 Kunstverein Trier Landtag Rheinland-Pfalz/Mainz, DE Galerie Atelier Mensch, Hamburg DE

2000 Galerie Unico, Krefeld, DE Stadtmuseim, Pforzheim, DE

1999 Galerie der Gegenwart/Wiesbaden DE Sparkasse Galerie, Karlsruhe, DE Galerie Fürstenbau, Kronach, DE

Solo shows

2015 ArtExpo Hamm, DE

2011 Seven-Hostal, Cala Millor, ES

2010 Jam-Ház, Vecsés, HU

2009 Boscolo-Gallery, New York Palace, Budapest, HU Volksbank Gallery, Rózsadomb Budapest, HU Kunstsalon Kern-Imam, Berlin, DE

2008 Galeria de Arte Minkner, Palma de Mallorca, ES

2007 Tabaluga, Peter Maffay Fundació Pollenca, ES S’Estació-Associación de Arte, Artá, ES Sala Capitular de la Cartuxa Valldemossa, ES

2004 Galeria de Arte Sant Joanet, Sóller, ES

2001 Sala de exposiciones/Caja de Granada/Jaén, ES

2000 Galerie Mensch, Hamburg, DE 1996 Gallery - in Hotel Bellevue, Hamburg, DE


2002 Symposium Kunstfluss Geesthacht, DE

Fine Art Competitions

1998 Fränkische Galerie-Fürstenbau, Festung Rosenberg/ Kronach/ DE;

1999 Kunstpreis-Sparkasse/Karlsruhe, DE;

2000 Stadtmuseum/Pforzheim, DE;

2006 3. Trobada de international pintors en Palma, ES;

2006 V. Certamen D’Art Creatiu A.M. Lliteras, ES;

2007 XXXV Concurso International de Pintura, Museo de la Alcalá de Guadaira, ES


Sparkasse Sammlung Karlsruhe, DE; Düllberg Konzentra, Hamburg, DE; Formaxx, Hannover, DE; Vario Text, Ham burg, DE; Beletage, Potsdamm, DE; DR. Praxis Stahlberg, Seevetal, DE; Tabaluga Fundación Pollenca, ES; Caja de Granada, Jaén, ES; Dr.Althaus-Bondulich, Clinica dental Palma de Mallorca; Dr. Henningsen, Palma-Clinic, ES; Privatsammlungen in: Englische Konsulat Mr. Ferret, Washington, und in Privatsammlungen in Tel Aviv, Wien, Chicago; Hollandia, Hamburg, Krefeld, Budapest, Palma de Mallorca, Bern, London, Dänemark...